Your step-by-step guide to embed feedback in your email strategy

Have you ever thought about asking for feedback in your emails but weren’t sure how to start? Or have you already asked for feedback in your emails but aren’t sure how to act on it? Then check out our step-by-step guide!

How dé Vakantiediscounter unlocks the power of email feedback through data integration

How does dé Vakantiediscounter get the right content in front of the right person, at the right moment? Download the Case Study to learn how they instigate repeat business based on loyalty rather than the (lowest) price.

GDPR cheatsheet

Customers share data for a better experience if it’s kept safe and used right. Companies nurturing such trust-based relationships see sales boost.

Three ways to use an email feedback tool for personalization & segmentation purposes

According to Campaign Monitor, companies see a 57% increase in CTR thanks to dynamic content, and segmented campaigns drive a 760% increase in revenue. But where to start with personalizing and segmenting? We’ve collected three real life examples on how CloseAlert can help you taking the first step.

Ten examples of feedback collection in your email

Over the years, we’ve seen some very personalized and creative ways of asking email feedback. To boost your imagination, we have generated an overview of 10 real-life examples on how to make a feedback widget in your email work.

How Paula’s Choice Skincare improved their emails with customer feedback and realised up to 29% sales increase

Paula's Choice Skincare wanted to see if the email channel could be more than a sales channel and whether they could use it to build better relationships with customers. With an improved balance between content and promotion, the sentiment and feedback improved significantly.

How NS International fully integrated feedback in their decision making

NS International felt they were missing the key particle to drastically improve the customer experience: feedback from their customers. How did they change this? And how did feedback help them make customer-centric decisions?

How turned an underperforming campaign into an award winner

Delivering a perfect customer experience is one of the focus areas of's CRM strategy. And yet the anniversary email campaign that they had high hopes for was not hitting the targets. knew a drastic make-over must take place. How did they do it?

Uncover the real performance of your email campaigns

Have you ever sent out a campaign that had great open and click rates but failed to deliver in terms of conversion? You did everything by the book and yet your email campaign did not significantly increase your metrics.

Elevate customer experience with feedback-powered transactional emails

Do you know for sure whether your transactional emails are delivering their maximum value? Have you ever signed up for your own service? If your answer is “Never”, how do you know if you're delivering on your brand promise until the very end of your customer's journey?