Ask the right question at the right email touchpoint

Our best practices and questions library offers inspiration for relevant engagement

We ❤️ your existing email and marketing automation provider

Our advanced integrations will help you identify customers, campaign names, and or other customer data straight from your esp or MA platform.

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Your emails need to be mobile ready - and so do we

Over 50% of the emails you send are opened on a smartphone. Our feedback form is displayed perfectly on any device. We’ve got you covered!

Question logic: ask specific sub questions based on given answers

Discover the root cause why emails perform the way they do. Or learn how you can turn a passive into a promotor.

We transform feedback into business intelligence

We categorise incoming feedback messages by email name and other type of filters. Make more informed decisions, solve technical issues quickly, and see differences in the email experience on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Text analytics will help you get to the root cause

CloseAlert automatically analyzes the text of your incoming messages for often-used keywords or phrases. Get to the bottom of your customer’s needs quickly.

Combine existing customer data with feedback

Don’t ask for information you already have. Analyze and filter results based on existing customer data.

Close the Loop, and make your customers love you

Some responses require adequate follow-up. CloseAlert have the tools to help you to actively follow up on complaints.

We play nice with others

Easily import feedback into your Marketing Automation or crm tooling for profile enrichment or further analysis.