See your emails through your customers eyes

Ask for customer feedback in your emails. Understand the feeling and needs of your email subscribers and take action to improve

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Loved by leading brands to improve their email experience

Loved by leading brands to improve their email experience

Implement our widget in your email service provider for higher response rates

Customers can respond directly in their received email. Your customers voice is now part of your email campaigns

Understand how your subscribers feel about your emails within seconds after sending it

Our real-time dashboard empowers your team to quickly analyze the results and make the right decisions to improve. Ensure that your email team send personal and relevant emails and close the loop.

We ❤️ your existing email or marketing automation provider

Our advanced integrations will help you identify customers, campaign names, and or other customer data straight from your esp or MA platform.

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“Customer feedback is a serious reality check”

Kim de Klerk - Marketer Customer Loyalty at NS International