Campaign feedback software for marketers

Improve your customers' experience by understanding their feelings and needs. Make customer decisions driven by customer feedback.

Understand the why of your analytics

Analytics show what your customers are doing. CloseAlert tells you why they're doing it. Get the real story behind your Open and Click Rates.

Improve your conversion

All marketers know that relevance is crucial in conversion. CloseAlert helps you understand what your customers need. Send more personal and relevant emails to start seeing a dramatic boost to your conversion rates.

Make your customers love you

Learning from customer experience only is not enough. Some responses require adequate follow-up. CloseAlert helps you to actively follow up on complaints.

How does it work?

1. Ask the right questions

With CloseAlert you're free to ask your customers any question you want. Our customer success team is always ready to help you ask the right question, at the right touchpoint, and at the right time.

2. Understand the context of answers

Understand what your customers want, think and how they feel about your emails. Our advanced integrations will help you identify customers, campaign names, and or other customer data straight from your ESP or MA platform.

3. Make customer-based decisions

Our real-time dashboard delivers you all the customer insights you need to make customer-based decisions. This helps you to deliver relevant and personalized customer experience that will increase your conversion rates.

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  • A bird's eye view of your campaigns

    the CloseAlert dashboard gives you a quick and clear overview of all your campaigns


Get started in minutes

Create your first feedback form in minutes. Use our basic template or easily create your own look and feel. CloseAlert also seamlessly integrates with all ESPs.

Use our best practices

Ask the right question, on the right touchpoint at the right time. Our questions library offers inspiration for relevant output.

We mine for you

CloseAlert automatically analyzes the text of your incoming messages for often-used keywords or phrases. Get to the bottom of your customer's needs quickly.

Know what's going on

Crucial messages automatically receive a tag like "Question", "Update profile" and "Potential churn". Follow them up in real-time and make your customers happy.

Recognize devices

See which device was used to deliver a response. This helps you solve technical issues quickly and tells you if there's a difference between the overall customer experience on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

We warn you

No need to be logged in all the time. Get a notification in your inbox if you receive many negative feedback messages within a short period of time.

Use feedback elsewhere

Export manually or use our (SFTP) exports. Easily import your feedback into your Marketing Automation or CRM tooling (for profile enrichment or analysis purposes).

Receive reports per mail

Get a weekly or monthly e-mail summary. This will keep you and your colleagues informed of developments in your projects.

"Negative feedback is automatically sent to our customer support department, who respond directly to the feedback. Now we can serve our customers even better."

Niels van Empelen - Campaign Manager Volkswagen

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